20.06.2017 Our 1st Crowdfunding Campaign is over!

Well, our first crowdfunding campaign is over! Unfortunately, the funding was not successful, but each and every other aspect of the campaign was very fruitful and inspiring for us.

Thanks to all of you, that have supported us with your personal money, likes and shares. You showed us that Pillars of History is a project that must become reality. You may not believe it, but for all those weeks we haven’t received a single negative feedback. Yes, there was criticism, but it was very positive. People were giving suggestion how to improve the game further, which impressed us!

204 people from all over the world have spent part of their money to help our project, thank you each and every one of you. More than 100 new likes for our Facebook page, we are speechless. For some of you these figures might sound insignificant, but for us they are gargantuan achievement, because every person that has supported us has done it by his/her own will.

We want to say it loud and clear that we are not giving up on Pillars of History. On the contrary, we have strict plan that we are following. We are negotiating with more people from the gaming industry to boost our team and speed up the working process. We are also looking for different funding possibilities.

Our team would like to ask you once again: don’t stop spreading the word about Pillars of History! The more people discover our project, the better it will be. So, you have the power to push Pillars of History to another level.

Thank you all once again, and see you soon with much improved Pillars of History!

Sincerely yours,

Tritan Studios team


03.03.2017 Official announcement of "Pillars of History"

"Pillars of History" - a RPG game based on early Medieval History of the Balkans in VIIIth century. The game is a next-gen type of hybrid between entertainment and education. A realistic journey through the lands of the Eastern Roman Empire (known as Byzantine Empire), The First Bulgarian Empire, The Avar Khaganate and numerous Slavic Tribes in the flesh of a full-scale RPG game!

First Cinematic Teaser