Our Mission & Core Values

Our core values represent the principles and beliefs which lie at the foundation of our company. These values are reflected in our daily decisions and actions.

Everything we do at Tritan Studios is based on the simple idea of creating the most epic entertainment experience for the players. We strive to make our games as entertaining as possible for as many people as we can reach.

  • Tritan Studios is aiming to attract people from all over the world, regardless of their age, gender, language, cultural background or gaming experience.
  • We are open to suggestions and opinions, because only through sincere communication we can polish our products.
  • As we encourage our audience to share their views with us, we do the same in our team. Every member of Tritan Studios is a valued professional and each and every suggestion or idea is treated with respect and creative criticism.
  • We would like to entice wide range of people with different interests and background. We achieve this by diligently managing every task and observing the highest industry standards.
  • We will not deviate from our beliefs and values concerning the games, as we think that the quality gameplay design reigns supreme.

We’re committed to making ethical decisions, with our players in mind, setting a strong example of professionalism and excellence at all times.



Enyo Zyapkov
Founder & CEO /Chief Executive Officer/
Veteran with more than 14 years of Public Relations experience. I have excellent management skills and competences acquired in the private and public sector. Communications and problem solving are my forte. An avid gamer!
Favorite games: Fallout (series), All Truck Simulator
Bozhidar Bakev
Founder & CIO /Chief Information Officer/
Journalist with solid experience gained in different media. As a Public Relation professional I have developed communication strategies in the areas of education, data storage solutions and state institutions. An avid gamer!
Favorite games: World of Warcraft, Tetris
Ivan Fortunov
Founder & COO /Chief Operating Officer/
Game Designer, Master’s in Architecture & Design , with more than 10 years of experience in Digital Arts and Game Production. Currently Senior Game Designer at Sperasoft, Krakow
Favorite games: Baldur’s Gate, Heroes III, AOE, DOTA, UT, Diablo, Deer Hunter
Radostin Stoychev
Founder & CTO /Chief Technology Officer/
The Lead Software Engineer. I have more than 4 years of experience with the Unity Game Engine. As an independent developer I have created a couple of games, all by myself, that have been financially successful. An avid gamer!
Favorite games: Rise of the Tomb Rider, Counter Strike, Minesweeper
Audio and Music
Loredo Cronk is the creative alias of Lora Dimitrova, a singer/songwriter who combines her two greatest passions in composing music for games.
Favorite games: Mass Effect, The Witcher, Grim Fandango
Rastko Tojadic
3D Artist
A programmer experienced in Unity and with additional expertise in traditional art, game design and 3D modeling. I have been part of some small game projects and participated in a number of Game Jams.
Favorite games: World of Warcraft, HOMM 3, 3D Maze
Svetoslav Tabakov
3D Artist
Svetlio has many years of experience in the game industry. He's proficient in Game Design, Level Design and he's been professional 3D Artist for the last couple of years. An avid gamer!
Favorite games: Candy Crush Saga
Svetlozar Teoharov
He is a professional historian with an excellent experience. He was part of the team of Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov who excavated “Perperikon” – one the most fascinating ancient Thracian cities.


Milen Nikolov
He is director of the Regional Historical Museum Burgas. He is experienced archeologist with many academic publications. He has managed and participated in the excavations on the Foros peninsula.